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Dream Chasers

Barbara Fradkin

  • Release Date: January 1, 2007
  • Barbara Fradkin

    Dream Chasers: An Inspector Green Mystery

    In the sixth in this two-time award-winning series, 17-year-old Lea Kovacev sets out one summer evening for a secret rendezvous by the cliffs of Ottawa’s Hog’s Back Falls. Three days later, her nude body washes up in the shallows downstream. When the autopsy reveals she was dead before she hit the water, Inspector Green delves into the manipulative world of elite young athletes, drugs, and teenage sexuality that soon threatens other lives. Who is the secret lover, and how far will others go to shield him? How many others, including Green’s daughter, will pay the ultimate price for a young man’s dream?

    Trade paperback
    RendezVous Crime (Napoleon & Company)
    September 2007
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