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Organize Your Corpses

Mary Jane Maffini

  • Release Date: January 1, 2007
    • Berkley Prime Crime
    • ISBN: 978-0425215807
    • May 2007
    • $9.99 (US$6.99)

    When thirty-year-old Charlotte Adams returns home to establish her personal organizing business in the historic town of Woodbridge, New York, she's looking forward to reconnecting with her old school friends. She's hoping that her two rescued miniature dachshunds will help her forget her cheating ex-fiancé. She's definitely not expecting to find her first client, the tyrannical retired teacher Helen "Hellfire" Henley, dead in a pile of debris. Things get worse when the evidence points to Charlotte, especially since her former best friend and current nemesis, Sgt. Pepper Monahan is leading the investigation. Try organizing your way out of that, lady.

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