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The Second Wife

Brenda Chapman

  • Orca Book Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781554698325  
  • March 1, 2011
  • Paperback
  • $9.95

Gwen Lake is a forty-five-year-old Duluth police officer with a desk job, an ex-husband and a future not even close to the American dream.  A year after her divorce, and more out of boredom and curiosity than anything else, she agrees to a meeting with her ex’s new wife.  She has no idea that the encounter will lead to murder.  And she has decidedly mixed emotions when her ex-husband is arrested for the crime.  Instead of accepting the lead detective’s advice to book a Club Med vacation and leave the investigation to the professionals, Gwen decides to work the case on her own.  Her life is about to get a lot less predictable and lot more dangerous.

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