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The Family Code

Wayne Ng

  • Release Date: June 1, 2023
  • Paperback:
    ISBN: 9781771837934  Cost: $25

    Every family has rituals and routines holding them together. But sometimes they are the very things that tear them apart. THE FAMILY CODE is a gritty family drama featuring the troubled life of Hannah Belenko, a young woman and single mother dogged by the brutality of past traumas and a code of silence that she must crack in order to be free—or else lose everything.

    Hannah was raised by this code and rules her own family by it. When she loses her daughter to the state and her boyfriend threatens her, she flees from Ottawa to Halifax with her remaining son, six-year-old Axel. While she bulldozes her way through everything and schemes to protect him, Axel flounders in the chaos she creates. He begins to doubt his mother and her dream of a way out. With her life crashing down, Hannah is driven by desperation to survive yet hangs on to elusive hope.

    With uncompromising grit and high-voltage prose, THE FAMILY CODE unabashedly reveals the power and perils of parenting, but also the longing and vulnerability of children.

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